Alyce Fitzgerald

Looking In

Looking In was created for @christinamacpherson 

When I asked Christina what she’d like, she said “I love lots of different textures and splodges. The more chaotic the better. I think colours of the earth? I think? It’s all amazing”

From this I used a lot of earthy inspiration and textures. I also framed the paint in a way that almost looks like you’re looking into a chaotic / exciting world.
I feel that as an influencer, Christina would have a lot of people looking in at her exciting, beautiful life and either envy, judge or admire her for the way it portrays. I made this piece to serve Christina as a reminder that your life is a picture and the chaos is a story inside a world of your choice. It can be beautiful and unexpectedly perfect like nature or it can be jarring and a lot to handle. But it’s always a choice of perspective. And Christina seems to have a truly wonderful perspective.

Mixed medium on canvas.

900 x 1200 mm

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