Alyce Fitzgerald. Abstract Artist


Artist Statement

Welcome to my artistic world, where colours dance, emotions resonate, and imagination knows no bounds. I am Alyce, a creator fuelled by the relentless passion to capture the intangible essence of life on canvas. Through my art, I strive to bridge the gap between reality and the surreal, inviting you to explore the beauty that lies beyond what meets the eye.

Inspired by the ebb and flow of nature's symphony and the intricate facets of human experience, my work is a celebration of diversity and complexity. Each stroke of my brush is a deliberate step towards unraveling the hidden stories that weave our lives together. With a blend of vibrant hues balanced with earthy neutrals and intricate details, I aim to provoke introspection, spark curiosity, and kindle a sense of connection.

My artistic journey is a constant exploration, an ongoing dialogue between my mind and the canvas. From bold, energetic compositions to delicate, ethereal impressions, my art mirrors the kaleidoscope of emotions that define us. Through every piece, I invite you to immerse yourself in a visual narrative that speaks to the soul and invites you to join the conversation.

As you wander through my galleries, may you find solace, inspiration, and a renewed perspective on the world we inhabit. Thank you for being a part of this creative odyssey – together, we transcend boundaries and touch the sublime.


As an Australian abstract artist, over the years Alyce has developed a unique style that is both vibrant, modern and expressive, drawing inspiration from the natural world, travel, music, and the human experience.  

Alyce’s art has been exhibited in galleries internationally in Europe and Australia. Alyce is a member of the Brisbane Design community, practicing in Graphic Design within the fashion industry. This enables Alyce to remain on trend and learn consistent and important artistic techniques to develop her works every day. 

Ayce is constantly exploring new endeavours and pushing the boundaries of creativity. Her art is an ever-evolving journey, and Alyce loves nothing more than to see how her work connects with others. 

When Alyce is not in the studio, you can usually find her exploring the beautiful nature reserves Australia has to offer. Nature is a constant source of inspiration, and she finds that spending time outdoors helps to connect with creativity on a deeper level.  

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