Experience Abstraction: Art Exhibition at Stevens Street Gallery

Stevens Street Gallery

Escape from reality and explore a new way of seeing things at the "Abstraction" exhibition at Stevens Street Gallery in Yandina throughout the months of September and October.

Alyce McCann with Art

Unlocking Imagination

Abstraction in art frees your mind from the confines of reality. It's about experiencing art in a different way, letting your imagination run wild, and finding your own meaning in each piece. The beauty of abstraction lies in its ability to evoke personal emotions and interpretations, making it a deeply enriching experience for every viewer.

Alyce Art Abstract Painting

A Unique Artistic Journey

Unlike representational art, where the message is clear, abstract art embraces ambiguity. It transforms real objects into something extraordinary, using colours, shapes, and textures to convey emotions and sensations. It's not about replicating reality; it's about creating a connection through art.

Alyce Art Abstract Painting

Join me on September 15th for the Open Gallery Night

I am excited and thrilled to announce my participation in the exhibition and encourage you to visit Stevens Street Gallery in Yandina throughout September and October to see my pieces. There will also be an open gallery night on Friday, September 15th, where you can immerse yourself in the world of abstraction. More information about this special event is coming soon, so stay tuned for details.

The "Abstraction" exhibition is a celebration of art that invites you to let your imagination run free, explore your emotions, and embrace individual interpretations. Don't miss this opportunity to experience art that transcends reality and ignites your creativity.

Alyce Art Abstract Painting

For more information, contact me here.