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In this blog series, I ask instagram influencers what art is to them. These are the people that are shaping our landscape of aesthetics in some way, shape or form and I was super intrigued to understand what art meant to them as it isn't always a painting or piece, it can be anything that brings you peace and joy or expression

Here is what they have to say.

Influencer @sarahlouhood / @generallyworn

Genre - Lifestyle | Fashion | Design

Sarah Lou Hood Sarah Lou Hood Sarah Lou Hood Sarah Lou Hood

So what is art to Sarah?

I asked Sarah this question and she said "Art to me is finding beauty in the everyday. It comes in all forms, not necessarily a particular medium. Ripples in the sand from the outgoing tide, reflections on the wall from the afternoon sun or a beautiful vintage ceramic I picked up at the local antiques." 

I wholeheartedly agree with this. Finding art in the every day is a major part of my life also. Resonating with the universe and the gifts it provides us every day is such a comforting thing, there is so much more to life when lived in gratitude.

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