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In this blog series, I ask instagram influencers what art is to them. These are the people that are shaping our landscape of aesthetics in some way, shape or form and I was super intrigued to understand what art meant to them as it isn't always a painting or piece, it can be anything that brings you peace and joy or expression

Here is what they have to say.

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Kayla Gane Instagram Kayla Gane Instagram Kayla Gane Instagram Kayla Gane Instagram

So what is art to Kayla?

Kayla said "I honestly would have my house look like an art gallery if I could 😂 Art has always meant so much to me and I’ve always drawn so much of my creativity and inspiration from different art pieces. Art to me means love and happiness. I always look to my artworks in my home to bring positivity into my day 🧡 Art to me means expression. Expression of any emotion you want to feel. I love when you can look at a art piece and it can make you feel like you’re in it feeling that emotion. Like when you’re watching a movie and you feel like you’re that character." 

I think this is so beautiful. Kayla has Deep Love in her bedroom which was made with these intentions in mind.

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