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In this blog series, I ask instagram influencers what art is to them. These are the people that are shaping our landscape of aesthetics in some way, shape or form and I was super intrigued to understand what art meant to them as it isn't always a painting or piece, it can be anything that brings you peace and joy or expression

Here is what they have to say.

Influencer @andyanddeb
Genre - The Block Reality Star | Interior Design | Lifestyle

Deb Saunders Girls Andy and Deb The Block room Deb Saunders Son  Andy and Deb The Block Living room

So what is art to Deb?

When I asked Deb this question, her response was this "Art Is imagination, expression and beauty. It is diverse, personal and appreciated by many. We love art that makes us happy every time we look at it. Something that fits in and stands out!"

I love this answer. The expression and imagination play a big role for the audience as well. Those who lack the imaginative mindset, won't always fully appreciate art that isn't literal. A person's taste in art says a lot about their own creativity and imagination. 

Finding comfort in the pieces you select, for your home especially, is so important and what Deb says about having something that makes you happy, fits in and yet stands out, just makes sense. No wonder they have been so successful in their renovations and designs.

People was made especially for Andy and Deb as they are renovating their entryway!

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