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In this blog series, I ask instagram influencers what art is to them. These are the people that are shaping our landscape of aesthetics in some way, shape or form and I was super intrigued to understand what art meant to them as it isn't always a painting or piece, it can be anything that brings you peace and joy or expression

Here is what they have to say.

Influencer @brookearitchie
Genre - Lifestyle | Mum | Interiors

Brooke Coffee Brooke Hands Brooke Room Brooke

So what is art to Brooke?

I asked Brooke this question and she said "The artist behind each piece is definitely inspiring me and knowing how much each piece means to them makes it more meaningful to me. I find simple artworks extremely calming for a minimal space" 

As an artist, I find this answer so comforting. The pieces of art we create are so often a deep connection to who we are and the things we want to put out into the world. It's wonderful to hear someone like Brooke, values this and supports the artist for who they are, more so than anything else.

Brooke has Saturday in her baby's nursery, which brings me so much joy. 

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