How To Buy Art For Your Home

What are some things to consider when buying art for your home? Art can add depth, character and of course even a regality that other decor doesn’t hold. 

The Castle's Darryl Kerrigan who famously said, "It's not a house, it's a home" had it right. Understanding your home, the energy you want it to have and the aesthetic you want it to be are huge factors in making your house a home.

Here are some tips and considerations for you to use when looking for the perfect piece of art:

  1. Does it suit the overall aesthetic of the home? Many people fall in love with a variety of art and styles but before making a purchase, you really need to consider it’s fit.
  2. Who created the art? This isn’t as important for everyone but something to really consider is who is putting their energy into your home? What do they stand for and what will their vision do for you?  
  3. It’s placement, size and depth. No matter how much you love an artwork, you have to consider it’s size and placement, a small piece of art on a large wall could look lacking, just like a large piece in a small space can feel intrusive. Understand the flow and dimensions of your house for the best fit.  
  4. Cost. Cost plays a large roll in any decision, especially for those on a budget. Whether you’re looking for an investment piece (psst some of you can claim art on your tax… look into it) or if you’re looking for a temporary place holder. The cost of a piece will largely represent the time and detail the artist has given it. Don’t be afraid to approach your favourite artist and ask what they can do for you within your budget. You’ll be surprised how accommodating we can be (even if it’s a print rather than original). 
  5. Framing. It’s a good tip to match the quality of art with the quality of frame. To ensure you’re doing the piece justice. Custom frames are always my favourite, however if it is a print or raw canvas piece (I believe I am the only artist to sell these) you can find the right size frame from most framing stores. Even ikea has some great budget frames. 

Overall, as long as you know what your vision is and have a clear understanding of aesthetics, and the energy and practices of an artist, it’s hard to go wrong. You can always ask the artist for help in any of these categories, they have likely spent a lot of time understanding it all.
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