Artistic inspiration

As an artist, it's not hard to find inspiration. I see things in the world differently to others and I pride myself in my ability to find the beauty in almost anything. 

I have an education in design and because of this I often find myself lost in Pinterest looking at textures and colours and materials, as well as Behance for layouts and other forms of design. 

In this day and age it's incredibly hard to avoid even unintentional inspiration from other's work. Studying design teaches you all about the legality and issues with replicating another's work. Because of this; I NEVER search "abstract art" or anything like that to source my inspiration. I won't draw from other's works and I will try my hardest to be different. It is so important to stand by this and work from your own imagination.

My main source of inspiration is this incredible planet Earth. I have made it no secret that I often find my inspiration for colour palettes and textures and even alignment from randomly scrolling through Google Earth. Seriously, there is so much beauty in so many incredible forms. It is by far the best place to find inspiration. 

The earth is my muse.

Try it. 


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