A Day With Anika - Artist Photographer

A little while ago Anika of @anikarayaphotography contacted me, asking if I'd be okay with her coming to my studio to photograph me while I worked on a painting.

At first I was quite nervous because I'm not usually the one on the other side. However something felt very comfortable and familiar about Anika and I decided it would be a beautiful way to show my studio.

I'm so glad I set my nerves aside and said yes.

As soon as I met Anika, I felt comfortable; like she was an old friend. We chat about anything and everything and realised we were actually quite similar in our pursuit for a creative life.

We spent all afternoon and into the evening in my studio while I worked on a piece and I truly forgot she was taking photos. This to me, is what makes a great photographer, especially for creatives.

It felt like an afternoon chatting with a friend while I created in my flow state and I’m blown away by the photos she has given me.

It’s not often that I find others that see things the way I see them and these photos and angles are like they’ve been plucked from my own visions while I romanticise everything during my time spent in my studio. I’m so honoured to have worked with such a creative and kind person and to have made a new friend along the way.

I can’t wait to show them all 🕊 follow my Instagram to see them all and more.

Alyce painting Alyce studio Alyce painting Alyce painting Alyce painting Alyce studio Alyce painting Alyce painting Alyce painting Alyce painting

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